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Why We Do It

Leaving an abusive situation is difficult and can be deadly. People of all ages, genders and walks of life can experience domestic abuse, and it’s not always as easy as simply walking away.

Threats of violence, financial stability, child care, and custody disputes are some of the many obstacles people face when leaving a toxic home environment; what’s more, no situation is ever exactly the same.

We’re lucky to live in a time where there is an incredible number of resources available to those impacted by domestic abuse, but we started this organization because we noticed a serious gap in connecting resources and receiving mental health support immediately.

There are few resources that emotionally supports victims and survivors and at a time that fits into their schedules and immediately. This can prevent full independence after escaping if a victim or survivor does not receive the support needed after trauma.

Inevitably, problems get more complex and the aftereffects of trauma present themselves profoundly. We understand this crucial piece of healing and will continue to work towards making our programs accessible across the country.

Survivors Helping Victims Become Survivors

DARS is run by survivors of domestic abuse and allies. We exist because domestic abuse is devastating for the victim and their children and we refuse to just stand idly by.

On a small scale, we hope to make a life-changing impact on every individual we work with.

In the grander scheme, we aim to break cycles of abuse and create a ripple effect that empowers more people and organizations to do the same.

We believe change can and does start with one person, and one cause.
Your help adds to our growing number.

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