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There’s no one size fits all solution, but our process focuses on stability and sustainability to help survivors of domestic abuse in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Fundamentals

Survivors who escape their abusive relationship must carry all the burden that once was shared between two people. In phase 1, we focus on finding affordable, independent housing, and the professional assistance needed to rebuild a healthy life. This includes resources and consistent access to employment, child care, mental health resources, legal, financial and credit counseling from our network of licensed professionals.

Phase 2: Transition

Ideas are great, but action is still crucial. In our second phase, we focus on setting Phase 1’s plans for financial, legal, and emotional support into motion. We aim to be a resource for the broad strokes AND the finer details.

Phase 3: Sustainability

In our final phase, our primary goal is to address the ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ factors. Whether it’s an unexpected financial expense, or a practical struggle that’s arisen from living transitions, we stand by our survivors until they are steady and on their feet.

Real Survivors

Real Support

No story is the same, but every story matters.

Real Survivors

Real Support

No story is the same, but every story matters.

Live December Event


Little Texas Logo
Little Texas Logo

Friday Dec. 17th at 6pm

DARS is more than just helping victims, it’s about making a change too. To keep the spirit alive, we are hosting our largest nonprofit event yet that includes fine dining, Live Entertainment and much more to make this an unforgettable evening!

Come dressed to impress and hungry!


Magnets Purchased

We offer the purchase of magnets as an affordable way for you to show your support. Every magnet purchase directly impacts on how we support the victims in our program.


We thrive on the visibility and financial support that our allies bring. Each month, we can expand this network to help more survivors.


Current operation and program
spending breakdown
  • PAssistance to crucial resources within the first 48 hours
  • PHousing and basic necessities
  • PProfessional services including legal and mental health therapy
  • PResources to help transition into stability