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PaPa Johns Coupon Card


For every coupon card purchased, the proceeds support our domestic abuse survivor programs that are offered for free in the community.
Whether you’re buying one for you, a few to share with friends & family, or a large quantity, every purchase helps. The price includes S&H.

Make A Donation

All levels of your tax deductible donation count. Your generous contribution to our nonprofit organization
has a meaningful impact on the lives of victims of domestic abuse and their children.
Please support us so that we may continue to make the change needed to families right
here in our community.

Support Group

(each survivor for an entire year)

Survivors have gotten through the critical phase and many times a complete uprooting. Following trauma, many survivors feel isolated or do not have health insurance to receive emotional support. Survivors meet in a group once a month with other survivors to share experiences and provide support to each other. $225 is for an entire year of support. If you cannot sponsor the full cost for one person, your partial donation will accumulate until the full cost is reached.

See's Candies - DARS Storefront

Order Your See’s Candies right here.

We love chocolate and See’s Candies hits the spot for any occasion.
We have our annual “Yum Raiser” happening 24/7. It’s a perfect gift idea that can be mailed anywhere in the U.S directly from See’s Candies or to keep as your own private stash of goodies while helping our cause.