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Volunteers are the Best!

There are lots of free ways to help out.

Your talents, your life experience, and your valuable time makes an impactful change in the lives of victims and their children. There are a ton of opportunities for you to help out whether it is just a couple of hours a year or a couple of hours a month. Every volunteer makes a difference. By joining the DARS family of volunteers, you will become a part of the solution that enables healthy and safe lifestyles.

Reach out to us by completing the contact form below.

More Ways to Help


Ask friends, family, and businesses you know to buy popcorn or See’s Candies for their special occasion directly from our site. You can suggest buying some magnets from our contribute page or even helping out at our next event or Bingo Nights. You can use this link to share on social media to help spread awareness that we are actively fundraising.