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It takes a community coming together to accomplish healing.

Men’s Support Group

One Week $4, Four Weeks $16 Three Months $48                             $17.50 monthly for a year. Please choose an option then donate below.

Domestic violence is committed against men too! Specifically, 1 out of every 4 men in Utah. Being a victim of domestic abuse is not their fault yet resources and support can be very difficult for many men to find and feel comfortable with.

Our Men’s Support Groups are FREE, consistent, include support on various topics that are impactful, discussions regarding challenges men face, and provide resources to assist them in returning to a healthy-fulling lifestyle. Your donation today will contribute to this opportunity that men do not frequently have access to or the safe space that provides them with confidence in receiving help.

It’s takes courage to receive help.

You’re Supported.




DARS Goal:

Assist 300 more men in 2024



Women’s Support Group

One Week $4, Four Weeks $16 Three Months $48                            $17.50 monthly payments. Please choose an option then donate below.

Following trauma, many survivors feel isolated, depressed, anxious, and confused to name a few.

Our Women’s Support Group is FREE to survivors and offers various “off hour” time slots to make it possible to receive the support desperately needed. Support Group provides a safe space to openly discuss specific topics many women find healing and empowering. Encouraging everyday self-care practices enables the full potential of healing to take place which is why our Support Group is among the top chosen organizations for women in the State.

Your donation contributes to this much needed resource which allows women the option to receive support for as long as they need.

You’re Not Alone.




DARS Goal:

Add 10 more groups per month in 2024


If you’re able to sponsor one or more survivors per year ($210 a survivor) please use this button.