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Thank you!

There are lots of free ways to help out.

Your talents, your life experience, and your valuable time makes an impactful change in the lives of victims and their children. There are a ton of opportunities for you to help out whether it is just a couple of hours a year or a couple of hours a month. Every volunteer makes a difference. By joining the DARS family of volunteers, you will become a part of the solution that enables healthy and safe lifestyles.

Make A Donation

All levels of donations count. Your generous contribution to our nonprofit organization
makes a meaningful impact on the lives of victims of domestic abuse and their children.
Please support us so that we may continue to make the change needed to families right
here in our community.

Monthly Office Popcorn Subscription

$37.50 / month

Here is a delicious way to show your support to our organization. Every month you will receive multiple flavors (as seen here) of Deanan’s Gourmet Popcorn delivered right from their factory and to your front desk.
One-time sign-up is all it takes and the rest is up to us.

The Popcorn Package will be received within the first 7 days of every month and recurring payments drafted on the 25th of every month prior. Price includes shipping costs.

Your monthly subscription contributes directly to the food assistance portion of our program.