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Domestic Abuse Recovery Solutions
Non-Profit 501(c)(3) 87-2783894

How We Help

There’s no one size fits all solution, but our support focuses on stability and sustainability to help survivors of domestic abuse.


When a victim escapes their abuser, their lives do not return to normal immediately. From immediate legal proceedings, to safe housing, child care, finding steady sustainable employment can take one to two years and sometimes much longer. Where does one begin when facing all these issues at once?
We help connect victims with resources and provide information that contributes to the survivor’s specific needs.

Mental Health

After years of abuse and the astronomical amount of responsibility the survivor now has as part of their daily lives can take a toll on a survivor’s mental well being.
We offer free online Survivor Support Groups.
We discuss the difficult topics to help eliminate the feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety. Our support group shares healthy ways to cope and provides space for survivors to just listen without having the pressure of sharing their story. We have a network of trusted licensed therapists and a list of local resources should a request be made for additional healing.

Advocating and Awareness

Reaching out for help or obtaining information can be difficult to find and sometimes embarrassing. We set up our tents and tables at local events throughout the community to create a more accessible way to get information into the hands of survivors.
Our outreach doesn’t stop there!
We have seminars for teenagers on how to build healthy boundaries, spotting the subtle signs of abuse, and resources on who to contact if they need help. These seminars provide tools for teenagers to utilize throughout their lives.

Real Survivors

Real Support

Online Survivor Support Groups

Real Survivors

Real Support

Online Survivor Support Groups

“The more that we choose not to talk about domestic violence, the more we shy away from the issue, the more we lose.”

Russell Wilson

What is Survivor Support Group?

Our Survivor Support Group can be defined as a group of domestic abuse survivors who share concerns or experiences. Our groups meet weekly with the purpose to provide social support, comfort, encouragement, and share techniques that have helped in healing.
Local residents and businesses in our community have donated to ensure we can continue to provide this service for free to survivors. If you would like to sponsor a survivor for support group, please go to our contribute button.

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